Finally ready to face the mess in your photos?
ZipPhoto is an iOS photo organizer that actually gives you a clean photo album. It’s fast, intuitive and easy to use.
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Organize with a Simple Swipe

Swipe left and right to move through your photos, up to delete and down to cancel. Click an album to sort, or long-press to cancel the sort.

Move and Merge Photo Collections

Quickly merge multiple albums or folders into one album or folder with just a few clicks. Stay in full control of your photo collection.

Find Photos Easily with the Power of AI

Our AI-powered photo search tool allows you to easily locate specific photos by text, eliminating tedious manual searching and scrolling.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Easily monitor your overall progress in organizing your photo collection and stay motivated as you work towards your goals.

Organize by Media Types

Easily navigate by filtering your photos, videos, screenshots, and live photos. You can quickly filter your collection and find the media you need.

Fine-tune Inside of an Album

You can organize your photos within an album. Enter quick organize mode with just a tap, and quickly delete, sort, and manage your collection with ease.

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ZipPhoto is made with love and lots of caffeine by vecpeng & Dott, at the cost of many lost hairs. Follow our latest news and contact us on social media, or email us at
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